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BLAZE wireless is a new voice and wireless data platform in Southwest Nebraska that enables 4 Mbps wireless Internet service with the use of a smart phone, fixed wireless platform or wireless hot spot. The BLAZE wireless state-of-the-art network can deliver super-fast Internet to your home or office in town, or to many areas where broadband is unavailable by fiber or DSL connection.


BLAZE wireless allows you to stay in touch by voice, text or email, around town, or around the globe. Connected to our state-of-the-art, 3G network, you can carry the nearly limitless body of knowledge on the Internet in your pocket, harnessing the power of the information age for business, education or entertainment. But with BLAZE wireless, you get more. BLAZE wireless lives where you live, offering friendly local faces and hometown service. Connecting you...

Who We Are

BLAZE wireless is more than just another cellular provider. Partnering with Pinpoint Communications, BLAZE wireless is able to help you adjust your communications line-up to fit your life. Together, they offer home phone, mobile voice and internet, video services, long distance and high speed broadband connections.

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