BLAZE Mobile Data

Mobile data packages are used with USB connect devices.


  • $30 per month*
  • Unlimited Data On Network
  • Off Network Usage not Available with the Package


  • $35 per month*
  • Unlimited Data On Network
  • 5MB Data Off Network
  • $1.95 per MB when over the 5MB Allotment Off Network


  • $40 per month*
  • Unlimited Data On Network
  • 20MB Data Off Network
  • $1.95 per MB when over the 20MB Allotment Off Network

BLAZE Mobile Data equipment

Mobile Data allows you to connect to the Internet without wires – around the house, round town, or even around the great U.S. of A. The Mobile Data device from BLAZE wireless could be referred to as a mobile hotspot. A mobile hotspot connects to the Internet via the BLAZE wireless network, and then creates a Wi-Fi hotspot that can connect any Wi-Fi-enabled device within about 30 feet. You are able to connect a number of devices at the same time. Based on how far you want to roam, BLAZE wireless has a Mobile Data Plan that works for you.

The BLAZE mobile data device can be purchased in one of two ways:

  • One time $149 payment with a 24-month service agreement
  • $5 Easy Start with a 24-month service agreement

(*All prices are before applicable taxes and fees. Credit checks may apply.)

See our Coverage Map for BLAZE's On Network area.

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